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Welcome to Obsidianbookshelf.com, the author site of Val Kovalin.


I updated this site. Now Iím working on the second editions of two of my most popular nonfiction books (see below). I have also accepted the position of reviewer and editor of the Romance Novels site at BellaOnline.com where I write weekly articles and reviews and promote them via my forum, my weekly newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook.


How to Describe Eyes and Faces, and How to Describe Hair and Skin will soon be available in second editions at Amazon.com with more content and links for the same price of $2.99 each. If you have already bought the first editions, you will be able to download the second editions for free via the Manage Your Kindle program.


Contemporary gay romance Reach for the Moon is available at Amazon.com and All Romance Ebooks. You can also check out its Goodreads page.


My nonfiction consists of the HOW TO WRITE series for fiction and nonfiction writers (see my nonfiction book list). My fiction is gay romance not intended for readers younger than age eighteen (see my fiction book list). I like humor, strong plots, vivid cultural details, and complicated characters and hope to offer you the same.

For four years, I was one of five paid reviewers for the All Romance Ebooks newsletter until the reviewing program was discontinued. I was the reviewer for the gay romance category. Currently I am the editor of the Fiction Writing and Romance Novels topics at BellaOnline.com where I publish weekly articles, a newsletter, and forum advice on how to write fiction.

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Amazon.com author page. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to email me at veekay2000 [at] gmail [dot] com

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